November 21, 2022 | Buying

Why Toronto Real Estate is a Wise Investment

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As Canada’s cultural and economic hub, Toronto is a highly advantageous place to invest. 

In addition to an already high demand for housing, the steady influx of both domestic relocators and new Canadians to Toronto in the coming years is set to further escalate property values. As a result, Toronto’s already opportune investment arena is poised for exceptional growth. 

If you’re considering an investment in Toronto real estate, here are a few industry-insider pointers as to why today’s market is a strong opportunity. 

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Diverse Opportunities

Diverse in communities, cultures, and infrastructure, Toronto real estate is far from singular. While the market can be cut-throat, the sheer manifold of property types and micro-markets ensures there are opportunities for every kind of investor. Whether you’re searching for a multi-family residential property, a pre-construction condo unit, or something else, you will find it in Toronto. 

There’s also plenty of opportunity for investment in suburban and exurban territories as well. Residential, commercial, and pre-development real estate in communities like Milton, Burlington, and King City is becoming increasingly sought-after, creating significant opportunities for investment away from Toronto’s urban core. 

If you’re interested in entering Toronto’s fast-moving real estate market as an investor but are unsure which avenue is best suited to your goals and capabilities, ask a reputable real estate agent. They can offer in-depth market education to help you determine which properties are right for you. 

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The Rental Market is Competitive

There’s never been a better time to own an investment property in Toronto than right now. With increased interest rates introducing new obstacles for home buyers, a substantial portion of Toronto residents have become reliant on rental housing. This steadily increasing demand has caused rents to climb significantly, with no sign of slowing down. As a result, Toronto landlords are enjoying a high return on their investment through considerable passive income. 

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Growth is Imminent 

With low inventory already elevating property values across the GTA, Toronto real estate both holds and appreciates in value exceptionally well. Additionally, with substantial population growth on the horizon, the demand for real estate in Toronto is set to rise drastically – creating increasingly lucrative investment opportunities. 

The Federal government recently released their 3-year targets for welcoming new permanent residents to Canada. With close to 500,000 newcomers arriving in 2023 alone, limitations to housing inventory in Toronto will undoubtedly create a greater distance between supply and demand. This elevation in demand will prove property ownership to be particularly gainful both from a market value perspective and from a passive income perspective. 

Upon arrival in Canada, some newcomers will be looking to buy property, others will be looking to rent. As demand grows, so will market values and rents. For investors, Toronto real estate is a low-risk asset poised for impressive growth and highly-profitable returns. 

Elevate Your Investment: Representation & Expertise 

Just like buying a property that you intend to live in, investing in Toronto real estate requires partnering with a trustworthy, experienced buying agent. 

When you work with Bahia Realty Group, you receive an immense market advantage in one of the world’s most competitive real estate arenas. We’re local industry insiders, with an unparalleled, proven track record of success in helping investors in the Greater Toronto Area exceed their goals. 

Supporting clients of all backgrounds and visions, we manage all facets of the transaction, offering you the freedom to focus on other things. Zeroing in on a curated selection of suitable, available investment properties, we make the acquisition process easier and more efficient.  

As your transactional advocates, our team incorporates industry-leading negotiation tactics to ensure you secure a deal for the price, terms, and conditions that you’re comfortable with. We’ll also help you navigate the applicable red tape you may face before, during, and after the transaction – from local bylaws to zoning and regulations pertaining to short and long term rental properties.  

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