January 10, 2024 | Buying

What Can Be Negotiated During A Home Purchase?

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Real estate transactions have a number of complex details, and many first-time home buyers may not realize that there’s a lot more on the table during the negotiation process than just the price of the property. 

As a buyer, understanding which details are eligible for negotiation is a critical aspect of securing a great deal on your home. In this blog, we’ll break down important information about what you gain from the negotiation process as a home buyer – and how to do it. 

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Along with price, conditions (also called contingencies) are critical details of your purchase offer and can be negotiated after it is placed. The GTA’s most common buying conditions can vary and not all will be relevant to you as a buyer. 

Most conditions are negotiated on an include or exclude basis. For instance, if a buyer submits an offer which stipulates that their purchase will be conditional on the sale of their existing home, the seller may counteroffer with that contingency stricken because they do not wish to wait for the buyer’s home to sell but agree with the other terms of the offer. However, one specific type of contingency – the home inspection, can further influence negotiations after the initial offer has been accepted by the seller. 

Home Inspection Contingency 

While sellers are generally obligated to disclose known defects, a home inspection can reveal hidden problems that might not have been apparent during the initial viewing. As a buyer, having a formal inspection performed on the property is a crucial part of protecting your investment. 

What Happens When There’s an Issue?

If the inspection uncovers an issue, both you and the seller can negotiate on a potential solution. For example, you may be able to request that certain repairs be completed before the closing date or ask for a credit to cover the cost of addressing issues post-purchase. It’s crucial for both parties to approach this negotiation with transparency and a willingness to find a fair resolution. 

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Timeline & Possession

Beyond price and contingencies, other major details involved in real estate negotiations involve timing and possession. Some buyers may seek a longer closing period to allow for sufficient time to secure financing or sell their existing home. At the same time, sellers may prefer a shorter time frame to expedite the process.

The closing date is a critical detail in your purchase as it determines which day the title of the property is transferred to you in addition to when the funds are transferred from you to the seller.  

While the standard closing date timeline is typically 30 to 60 days, flexibility can be negotiated based on your needs along with those of the seller. Ideally, your agent can assist you in striking a balance that accommodates the necessary timelines without unduly inconveniencing either party.

A similarly critical variable that can be negotiated is the possession date in which you are physically granted ownership of the home. Once again, your agent will help you secure an occupancy date that works for you. In some cases, sellers may require more time to vacate the property after closing. If this happens, your agent can help you secure temporary accommodations until you’re able to move in.

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