May 1, 2023 | Selling

Is it Smarter to Sell Your Home Before Buying?

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Ascending the property ladder is an accomplishment worthy of celebration. That said, from a real estate perspective, it’s also a larger process compared to when you initially bought your first home.  

When the time comes to move up, you’ll be looking at both a home purchase and a home sale. You may be wondering – which of these two steps will come first?

Here’s the deal – there’s no all-encompassing answer to this question. Instead, determining the most strategic path for your move will require an analysis of your property, personal goals, and current trends in the market. 

Protecting Your Investment

As an upsizer, you’re tasked with handling two major investments. So you won’t want to make any major decisions without an expert by your side. However, it’s imperative to be selective in choosing the team you choose to work with. 

Regardless of your personal objectives or ongoing market conditions, Bahia Realty Group’s fool-proof strategies ensure your success isn’t left to chance. In fact, we guarantee you a great result. 

During the sale of your existing home, our proven selling tactics can help you get 100% of your list price. If we’re unable to sell your home, we’ll buy it from you – that’s how strongly we believe in our approach. 

As a buyer, you’re making a substantial financial investment. When you work with us, we guarantee to help you find a home you love. If for any reason you aren’t happy with it, we will actually buy it back from you. 

If you’re looking for an uncompromising, high-performance real estate team that can help you achieve top results, look no further than Bahia Realty Group. Click here to send us an email or call 416-498-3444. We’re ready when you are.

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The Right Path For Your Upsize

Because it involves two separate real estate transactions – the sale of your current home and the purchase of your next one, moving up is certainly no minor process. In addition to the physical effort involved in both of these steps, navigating your upsize in order to maximize the end result is also highly nuanced. 

In the GTA, real estate is far from static. Not only can large-scale conditions change day by day, but given the diverse range of local communities, market trends may vary right down to the neighbourhood level. 

While these intricacies will impact every client differently, it’s important for upsizers to recognize the value of being strategic when working towards the best possible result. In some cases, an upsizer may even decide to convert their existing home into a dedicated income property rather than selling it. 

Deciphering the Market

When market conditions fluctuate, buyers and sellers will adapt strategically in order to optimize their end result. 

Broad, wide-scale factors like interest rates and the cost of lending, or local trends like community-driven demand and available inventory can both impact your upsize. Therefore, charting the right path forward will require a detailed analysis of the market. 

This is just one of the reasons why having an experienced agent by your side is absolutely critical. There are a lot of real estate professionals in the GTA, but not everyone has the same experience working in various types of conditions. Once again, Bahia Realty Group’s performance guarantees ensure you’re able to come out on top, regardless of what’s going on in the market. 

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Understanding Your Needs

Your personal needs and ambitions are another influential indicator in determining whether it will be best for you to buy or sell first. Alongside the happenings of the market, your outstanding real estate goals are important dictators in which path will be right. 

Consider these examples – Do you have a tight deadline for your move? What are the “must haves” of your next home? Are you interested in exploring new construction homes?

Based on these needs, we’re able to make recommendations that best protect your interests and help you land a top result. 

Ready to move up and buy your forever home? Work with the GTA’s leading luxury real estate experts. Click here to contact us. 

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