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Purchasing a Toronto Home Ahead of Your Relocation

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Attracting relocators by the thousands every year, the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) is one of the fastest-growing metropolitan hubs in all of North America. With great homes, fantastic communities, and a high quality of living, it’s easy to see why people are flocking here. 

If you’re planning a move to Toronto, you’ll want to start thinking about where you and your family will live once you get here. While some relocators assume they’ll need to rent on arrival before heading to the market, this isn’t always the case.

Not only is remotely purchasing a home ahead of your relocation possible, but it can also have distinct benefits. 

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Purchasing Ahead of Your Relocation

As a rapidly growing city, real estate in the GTA has had a cut-throat reputation for quite some time. However, market conditions have slowly balanced out over the past year due to a smaller pool of buyers. As a result, prices are no longer shattering records like they used to.  

While there is less competition among today’s buyers compared to the previous market peak, these conditions won’t last forever. As the Bank of Canada allows interest rates to stabilize, buyer confidence is bound to rise. When this happens, housing prices will inevitably surge to match the demand. 

If you’re planning to relocate to Toronto, proactively purchasing a home while prices are lower can help you cut back your costs. Should you wait to buy after you’ve arrived, not only could you face higher price points for the exact same type of property, but you’ll also be required to find temporary rental housing which can come at a premium. 

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Start With an Agent 

Regardless of where you’re relocating from, taking the stress out of the purchasing process and finding your dream home starts with a trustworthy, high-performing real estate agent. If you really want to optimize your chances of success, you’ll want to choose a team with specific programs and methods in place to support remote buyers – like Bahia Realty Group. 

As an all-star, full-service real estate team, we have the resources, expertise, and intuition to help you navigate the intricacies of remote home buying. Not only will we scour the local market to find properties that meet your exact specifications, but we’ll also present you as a preferred, qualified buyer, giving your offers an edge over the competition. 

Purchase-Powering Technologies

As a remote buyer, technology will play a major role in your success. From the initial conversation with our team to private video showings, virtual tours, paperwork and closing, there’s a lot of ground we can cover with digital tools. 

With this in mind, it helps to be proficient with certain technologies before jumping into the buying process. If you don’t have much experience with email, video calling, or viewing digital documents, set some time aside to get familiar with them. 

Remote Financing 

Financing is a critical step in any home purchase. If you’re looking to buy a home in Toronto, you’ll need to obtain a mortgage from a local lender. However, for out-of-town relocators, knowing where to look for financing can be a challenge. 

Using our remote buying technologies, Bahia Realty Group can take the stress out of this process. Thanks to our powerful professional network, we’re well-connected to trustworthy local lenders. We’ll help you apply for and obtain the financial resources needed to buy your next home. 

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Eliminating Risk

One of the biggest hesitations that relocators feel about purchasing a home remotely is the prospect of buyer’s remorse. What happens if you arrive at your new home and it’s not all you thought it would be? We understand how stressful this thought can be – and that’s why we’ve implemented a unique solution to eliminate this risk altogether. 

When you work with Bahia Realty Group to purchase a home ahead of your relocation, we promise that you will be completely satisfied. If you don’t totally love your new home, we’ll buy it back from you.

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